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Texas Medical Center

It started with a dream to create a medical center, where people from all walks of life could have access to the best health care anywhere - whether they were rich, poor, famous, alone, young, or old.

All 42 of the Texas Medical Center's member institutions are not-for-profit, and are dedicated to the highest standards of patient and preventive care, research, education, and local, national, and international community well-being. These institutions include 13 renowned hospitals and two specialty institutions, two medical schools, four nursing schools, and schools of dentistry, public health, pharmacy, and virtually all health-related careers. See their website to learn more about the Texas Medical Center and see maps of the area.


Hospital Affiliations
Dr. Nath is affiliated with following hospitals in the Texas Medical Center.

Memorial Hermann Children's Hospital
Dr. Nath is now performing pediatric surgeries at Memorial Hermann Children's Hospital. Located on Fannin Street in the Texas Medical Center , it is in the same area that parents are already familiar with.

"Over 37,000 children receive treatment at the children's hospital, which is located within the Memorial Hermann Hospital complex, your child is ensured access to advanced medical equipment and expert care by a full-service, university-affiliated hospital."

Click here for more detailed logistics information, current pictures and maps.

Memorial Hermann Hospital

Memorial Hermann Hospital was the very first hospital to open in the Texas Medical Center, Hermann Hospital was established in 1925. It is a certified Level 1 Trauma Center, one of only two in the Greater Houston area, providing 24-hour emergency and trauma care to more than 40,000 patients a year. As the primary teaching hospital for The University of Texas-Houston Medical School, Memorial Hermann provides comprehensive services in surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and cardiology as well as cutting-edge research in a variety of medical specialties.

Texas Children’s Hospital

Texas Children’s Hospital (TCH) is nationally ranked in the top 5 among children’s hospitals by Child magazine and U.S. News & World Report. Their website has a virtual tour of different areas of the hospital and a Parents Passport to help parents plan for a surgery stay. Dr. Nath has been affiliated with Texas Children’s Hospital and their Brachial Plexus Clinic for the past eight years. He is happy to announce that he will continue to be affiliated with the hospital as a surgeon (in his new capacity as the Director of The Nath Brachial Plexus Institute). This continued affiliation gives him and his patients access to expert pediatric teams including anesthesia, pain management and occupational therapy. Their newly-built facility has ultra-modern private patient rooms that cater to the out-of-town family.

The Methodist Hospital
The Methodist Hospital has earned worldwide recognition since it opened its doors. The hospital, one of only a handful in Texas recognized by The Best Hospitals in America, is among the country's largest non-profit health care providers. Its medical staff, meanwhile, include dozens of physicians listed in The Best Doctors in America.

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Dr. Nath is a specialist in: Brachial Plexus Injury (Erb's Palsy), Winging Scapula Injury (Long Thoracic Nerve Palsy),
Neurofibroma and Schwannomatosis Nerve Tumors, and Nerve Surgery to correct Impotence after Prostate Cancer Surgery